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Medical Training by an Experienced Professional

Virginia Medical Training Academy offers EMT and related training courses throughout the state of Virginia. Our owners James and Lindsay have a wealth of knowledge due to decades of experience in the medical and first responder field.  His instruction is delivered with the end goal in mind.  That goal is to ensure that you are prepared to earn your certification and that you are ready to enter the field and apply the skills you have been taught. 

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Emergency Medical Technician

Virginia Medical Training Academy offers a Virginia state-approved course to prepare you to become an EMT.

Holding an EMT Certification Opens the Doors to a Multitude of Career Opportunities

Once you’ve completed training in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), there are a variety of career opportunities that will allow you to utilize your gained knowledge, as well as your skillset.

Holding an EMT certification qualifies you to be a firefighter, industrial medic, offshore medic, emergency dispatcher, emergency room technician, or contract medic. With additional training, you can pursue a career as a biological technician, crime lab technician, health information technician, surgical technologist, or physician’s assistant.

Additional Courses Offered by VA Medical Training


Get the professional training you need to fully learn CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and BLS (Basic Life Support).

Stop the Bleed!

Learn the proper application of direct pressure and tourniquet use from Virginia Medical Training Academy.

Babysitting Basics

Learn the basic medical knowledge one needs to care for children. Mobile classes are available.

Here's what our satisfied clients are saying...

Amazing EMT course!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 21, 2023

I took the accelerated 3-week course, and despite the short time frame, the instructors paced the material well. I was able to learn all of the material, and passed the NREMT on my first attempt! The learning environment was great, and I got a lot of hands-on experience. Overall, the course was really fantastic and I really recommend it!

A. Chilamula

EMT At 30.

Rated 5 out of 5
January 1, 2023

James & Lindsey gave me lots and lots of knowledge, personal experience and tools that I would be able to use as an EMT. The course provides you a wealth of knowledge in a short time frame, but it is the knowledge you need to pass your NREMT. The unlimited supply of coffee is a bonus. James & Lindsey have an open door for questions, or any concerns that may arise, and well rounded communication. I cannot wait to see what other courses they begin to offer.

J. Kirby

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